Macbook Motherboard Repair Service

Motherboards are the brains of the computer which are ignored completely when we are going to buy a new laptop. We only come to care about it when our motherboard starts showing defects and errors, as repairing motherboards are extremely expensive. Most of the people consider buying a better option than repairing the previous motherboard. Your “logic board” or motherboard issues are the root of all your subsidiary MacBook problems because the motherboard is responsible for making sure that your Mac is running smoothly.

A Brief Insight into MacBook Notebooks:

. Nothing comes even close when we talk about the Apple experience which allows us to work and have our entertainment sessions with the Notebook more enjoyable. The integrated connection between iOS of the iPhone and the Mac OS of the computer synchronize their system to increase our productivity and save time. When it comes to choosing the most suited laptop among the hundreds of Windows PC variations of HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, customers often go for Mac because it gives brand reliability. But every machine starts to lack in performance after a certain period; Mac is no exception from that.

How Serious Is the Problem of Motherboard?

There are many symptoms which if you see on your computer, you can identify that they are caused by the motherboard. Such as Lines or stripes all over the keyboard; the monitor frequently displays white, gray or black screen in the middle of an operation; the problem in functioning the basic activities such as playing music, typing a document, rebooting; being unable to recognize wifi connections and attached external devices.

Easy Steps To Repair Minor Motherboard Problems:

Those days are over when only an experienced professional used know the easy tricks to solve motherboards. You can attempt to replace your motherboard yourself to save yourself from the trap of extravagant expenses of fake and unauthorized mechanics. Now the secret of motherboard replacement process is revealed for you to try:

  •    Disconnect your Mac from all the external devices and drives
  •    Place the laptop upside down on a stable surface and unscrew the back panel and remove the case
  •    Disconnect the battery cable and the fan which is attached to the motherboard
  •    Disconnect speaker, camera and the other instruments from the motherboard
  •    Remove the display data board by lightly pulling it apart
  •    Remove the motherboard from the uppercase by unscrewing the remaining screws.
  •    Place the new motherboard in the correct position
  •    Perform all the previous steps backward to reassemble your Mac laptop

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